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When it comes to understanding football on a professional level, you should begin getting an idea of some of the top NFL trends that are prevalent throughout the league. Understanding these top betting trends NFL will help to give you a clear idea of what to expect with football as a whole. Any time the NFL sets the tone, the sport of football on the college, high school and recreational level tend to undergo similar changes.

In order to get a glimpse at both the business and athletic trends related to NFL football, read below and consider these three tips in order to provide yourself with information that can be helpful.

#1: Major Franchises Moving Or Building New Stadiums

One trend in today’s NFL is the fact that many franchises are beginning to move to new stadiums or cities. The Dallas Cowboys set the tone for new stadiums when they opened their expansive new stadium which is a marvel of architecture in itself and has quickly become an iconic building. The Minnesota Vikings also updated their stadium and instituted a number of technological advancements to make the stadium set apart from the rest.

In other situations, teams have moved to new cities altogether. For example, the St. Louis Rams relocated and once again became the Los Angeles Rams. The San Diego Chargers also announced recently that they will relocate and become the Los Angeles Chargers. This shift changes the culture and business landscape of the entire league.

#2: Large Wide Receivers

Due to the league becoming incredibly pass friendly, the entire dynamic of wide receivers has changed. In the past, a receiver over 6 foot 2 was considered a large receiver. Today, it is not uncommon at all for receivers to be as tall as 6 foot four and built like tight ends. This provides an advantage and has created a variety of routes and offenses that are virtually unguardable when executed to perfection. This has inspired teams and coaches on all levels to begin instituting pass heavy offenses through the use of large wide receivers.

#3: More Attention Paid To Concussion And CTE

Finally, attention to concussions, CTE and head trauma as a whole has received a large measure of attention in today’s NFL. Much research has been done into these injuries and their lifelong, potentially detrimental effects. The league has also been hit with a number of lawsuits regarding these sorts of issues. Because of this, the NFL has instituted a number of rules designed to decrease the likelihood of concussion problems and to make the players more safe overall.

If you keep these trends in the back of your head, you can quickly began to see exactly how these changes will have effects on the game of football as a whole. Make note of these circumstances to get a clear idea of how the game is shifting with the NFL leading the charge.